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“Beware the Chair!”

In ultra-running there is a saying, “Beware the chair.” Every few miles in an ultra running event there is an Aid Station. Crewed by friendly volunteers, Aid Stations are a welcome sight as you are ticking off miles and working your way to your finish. When you’re trying to run 50K, 50 miles, or 100 miles, sitting down at an Aid Station can be dangerous. You might not want to or be able to get back up. You get comfortable and sit too long and you’re jeopardizing your ability to start back on your way or seriously impacting your ability

3 Scary Things That Real Leaders Will Do

Here’s the deal. Leadership is a calling to push the limits and rally people to join in an important work. And, too many of us have forgotten that. Too many lack or have lost the will to push the limits. Our tendency for “tick-the-box” and quick and easy is killing our ability to answer our important questions with creative and bold solutions. We race along at an unsustainable pace, vomiting old ideas onto new challenges and crossing our fingers that it will all work out. Guess what? It’s not working out. No wonder 70% of the US workforce is disengaged

Leaders say, “Thank you.”

A regular fixture in my speaking engagements and my work as a coach is my reminder that leaders need to own our reality and be mindful of how the real and imagined demands can lead us into a pace of working that is not sustainable. I suggest that the fast pace we keep can contribute to reactivity and poor decision-making. We need to get control of ourselves and think through decisions to ensure we choose the optimal course of action and not just the obvious one. A side effect to the crazy pace many keep is that we easily see