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Five Signs of Laziness

No one is lazy. Many years ago I worked in education and then in private practice working with teenagers diagnosed with some type of learning challenge or attention deficit. In most cases, one of the descriptors of these kids was “lazy.” I hate that word. “Lazy” is a judgment, and an inaccurate one at that. We use the word “lazy” when we observe someone who is not meeting with our expectation of what they “should” be doing with their time and energy. When we describe our children or students, we say things like, “He doesn’t do his homework. She doesn’t

Are You A Hoarder Or A Leader

Around this time of year, many people engage in the annual ritual of Spring Cleaning. We do this because stuff accumulates. If we didn’t regularly get rid of things, we’d be called “hoarders.” Spring cleaning isn’t just about the garage. We accumulate stuff at work too. Are you a work hoarder? Some leaders are practically hoarders. Every leader I’ve ever worked with spends between 25-50% of their time doing the work of someone 1-2 levels below them in the organizational chart. That’s work hoarding and it’s time to stop that. If you want to be a leader instead of a