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What’s in the way?

No child sets out to fail in school. No employee is intentionally checked out and underperforming at work. Something causes that behavior. If kids aren’t performing in school, there are three possible reasons: a learning disability, an attention deficit, or an emotional disturbance. Find out which one it is and you can help that student learn. If people aren’t performing at work, there are four possible reasons. Finding out which one it is and helping the person to address it is part of a leader’s work. Reason #1. There is something that you (as the leader) need to provide them

What Memorial Day Can Teach Us about Leadership

This weekend, we celebrate Memorial Day here in the US. I want to thank my dad for inspiring today’s post and for informing the message I’ve tried to pass on to my children and to the young people and leaders I’ve worked with over the years. Fiercely patriotic, I think my father always regretted that he missed World War II by a year. He joined the Marines right after high school in 1946 and spent two years on an aircraft carrier as part of the post-war peacekeeping mission in the European theater. This was an experience that shaped who he