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You are never not leading.

Words have power; and we are never not leading. Let me explain. At a multi-day leadership team meeting, one of the leaders in attendance was becoming frustrated with the direction of the conversation so he said, “This makes no sense to me.” The conversation halted and people began voting (in their heads) – “Do I agree or disagree?” The collective inquiry, strategic thinking, and dialogue was over. We took a break a few minutes later and I went over to the leader and asked if I could provide some feedback. With permission secured, I asked the leader to reflect back

Take Change Seriously to Lead Serious Change.

When it comes to leading change, there are three things that leaders get wrong (over and over again). We underestimate the time required. Your change effort will take longer than you think and longer than you want. Why? Humans are involved. William Bridges taught us this long ago. Everyone has a unique marker event and pace of acceptance and adoption of the new way. Smart leaders think, “How can I help people embrace this change?” rather than “Why won’t these people just change already?” Our focus is too narrow. We think in terms of change management instead of change leadership.