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QWERTY Leadership

Ever wonder why your keyboard is configured the way it is? One version of the typewriter origin story is that the letters on the keyboard were scrambled to slow down typists. The earliest typewriters were prone to jamming when used at high speeds. The solution – scramble the letters to slow down the typists who were breaking the machines by typing so fast. The inventor of the QWERTY keyboard typewriter, Christopher Latham Sholes forged a deal with the Remmington company, famous for making and marketing guns. Remmington was able to mass-produce and market the QWERTY keyboard typewriters, effectively forcing all

Is Most Leadership Development Too Little, Too Late?

Based on a comprehensive survey of frontline teams and managers, the Learning and Development Roundtable, a membership program of the CEB found that “more than 50% of front-line managers would rather not manage people and that ‘informal managers’ (rather than formally-designated managers) actually do most of the day-to-day management of frontline teams.” The study also found that 60% of frontline managers underperform during their first two years in a leadership position. No one should be surprised by these numbers, nor by the evidence that they correlate directly to lower engagement and inconsistent performance that translates into lower productivity and increased costs.