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Metta Leader, ‘Betta’ Leader

In a post today on Fast Company, Daniel Goleman reminds us how to turn compassion into action. He’s calling us to practice “metta.” Here’s my post on the topic from the archives (July 2017). If you’re a leader, people watch how you treat those with less power than you. How do you treat direct reports, waiters, cab drivers, front desk clerks, receptionists? Our behaviors with others tell the true story of how fully we have developed a capacity for caring. Just because we are leaders or people managers with deliverables to an organization doesn’t mean we are excused from being

Hello, I’m… (Unconscious about my brand)

All the people you work with have an opinion of you. Some of them may be talking about you right now. What do you think they’re saying? What’s it like to work with you? Are you reliable? Are you easy to work with? Are you a competent leader? Do they wish they were on your team? Do they seek you out to work on stuff together? I recently read a great post by a guy named Adam Karpiak on LinkedIn. One of his readers commented on how direct he was in his writing (they were appropriately complementing him). His response

Leadership and The Feels

When coaching or training turns to the topic of emotional intelligence, we are sure to encounter resistance. It’s baffling that twenty-plus years after Daniel Goleman introduced the masses to the concept of emotional intelligence and the myriad studies and breakthroughs in neuroscience that have filled the years between then and now, we still have to convince leaders to pay attention to the “soft” skills of leadership. In a recent post, Travis Bradbury points out that we still have much work to do to break through the resistance around emotional intelligence as a critical leadership capacity. In Ultra Leadership, I suggest