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Do you have a Team Work Roadmap?

A Road-map creates alignment and coordinates action, enabling you to engage your work and your teammates with greater focus resulting in quicker action and fewer missteps. You set the time frame (90, 180, FY), decide outcomes and metrics, and lay out the steps that get you to the finish line. Map out your way forward! Download the tested and proven #UltraLeadership TeamWork Roadmap. Watch a Welcome Video from Greg. Download the TeamWork Roadmap How-To PDF. You may find it easier to have outside facilitation to create this level of alignment and shared clarity early in the new year. We can

Where life (and leadership) happen.

My dear friend, Pat Newmann shared this with me. It is an excerpt from Meg Wheatley’s 2010 book, “Perseverance.” I love it and hope you do too. “People who persevere walk the undulating edge between hope and fear, success and failure, praise and blame, love and anger. This difficult path often feels razor sharp and dangerous, and it is. Scientists call it the edge of chaos. It’s the border created by the meeting of two opposing states. Neither state is desirable. In fact, each must be avoided, no matter how enticing or familiar it appears. Possibility only lives on the