Resources (FREE STUFF!)

The work of a coach is to accelerate a person’s or team’s growth and to help them get better at those things they identify as development goals. In other words, we strive to make work and life a little easier.

Here are some resources we’ve developed that leaders and teams use to go beyond usual and ordinary in their work.

The Change Leader’s Checklist

A great, simple-to-use tool to evaluate if your organization is ready to take on change – from any change management project all the way to major business transformation.

Download the Change Leader’s Checklist

The Team Readiness Checklist

A simple scaled-down version of our on-line TeamWork GPS team survey. A handy way to see if you think your team is ready to tackle that next project or time period and set up the necessary conversations to get yourselves where you need to be.

Download the Team Readiness Checklist

Ultra Leadership Checklist

A self-assessment based on the Ultra Leadership 360 for Individual Contributors.

Click here to use the Ultra Leadership Checklist