Are You A Hoarder Or A Leader

Around this time of year, many people engage in the annual ritual of Spring Cleaning. We do this because stuff accumulates. If we didn’t regularly get rid of things, we’d be called “hoarders.” Spring cleaning isn’t just about the garage. We accumulate stuff at work too. Are you a work hoarder? Some leaders are practically hoarders. Every leader I’ve ever worked with spends between 25-50% of their time doing the work of someone 1-2 levels below them in the organizational chart. That’s work hoarding and it’s time to stop that. If you want to be a leader instead of a hoarder, you need to get rid of things that steal your time. Give yourself a RACI once-over. Look at your calendar for the next two weeks. How many meetings are you attending that you’re not sure what the meeting is for or why you’re going? Are you directly responsible or accountable ? If not, why are you going? Look at your desk or your inbox. How many tasks are you working on that could be/should be on someone else’s plate? This week, look to give a bunch of stuff away. Assign a proxy to handle at least 25% of the meetings you’ve got on your calendar. Delegate at least 25% of the tasks you’ve taken on. Give yourself the time to tackle the tasks that only you can accomplish. Give the other stuff to other people. When you think you’ve delegated as much as you can, look for some more. Don’t hoard, lead. Stuff accumulates. It’s time for your workload garage sale. Price everything to move![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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