Practice makes better leadership.

Welcome to your first monthly #UltraLeadership Workout!

To get better at anything we need to put in practice time and work out. This monthly message is meant to be a regular reminder and resource that helps you work out at getting better at leading others for your organization. Each month you’ll have access to tested and proven tools and activities to help you get better at leadership.

Your job as a leader is to create the conditions that enable others to willingly, enthusiastically, and repeatedly engage and contribute to shared important work. Our job is to help you get better at doing that.

This month the focus is Your Leadership Brand.

Here’s the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front):

Every day, people observe your behavior and decide, “What do I think about this person as a leader?” and “Do I trust this person? And those people talk; and sometimes they talk about what they observe about you and your leadership. When they do, what are they saying? Do you push the limits? Do you inspire willing, enthusiastic, and repeated engagement? Do you bring out the best in others?

Our Leadership Brand exercise will help you consider what you want your leadership to look like so you can ensure that you are driving the story people are telling about you and your leadership.

This month’s #UltraLeadership Workout will take you around 30-45 minutes. At the end of your workout you will have a list of five descriptors of your Leadership Brand. From there you may want to seek some feedback from a trusted colleague to gauge whether these descriptors are true today or aspiration.

Download our Leadership Brand Exercise here.

Coaching accelerates development. If you want to talk about how coaching can help you get more from your workouts and get better faster, email us at or call us today at +1 833 GO ULTRA.

Here’s to going beyond usual and ordinary in all things!


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