Growing #UltraLeadership is a life-long journey and a daily practice.

Greg has extensive experience coaching at all levels in organizations—from early career high potentials to the most senior executives.

Greg works with leaders who:

  • Are achieving success
  • Want to push the limits
  • Want to focus and accelerate their personal leadership development

Ultra Leadership Coaching Includes:

  • Initial Assessment to pinpoint the leader’s starting point
  • 1.5 Day intensive Coaching Smart Start™ Session
  • Enrollment of key stakeholders in the coaching process
  • Defined measurable outcomes regarding changes in behaviors and leadership practices
  • Pragmatic approach that doesn’t waste the leader’s time
  • Midpoint and concluding review with key stakeholders


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#UltraLeadership Assessment

Ultra means “going beyond what is usual or ordinary.” In today’s business climate we need #UltraLeadership.

#UltraLeadership is the WILL to push the limits PLUS the SKILL to get people to willingly, enthusiastically, and repeatedly engage and contribute to important work.

The Ultra Leadership 360 is an assessment tool for leaders that measures a leader’s foundational drive to lead as well as three foundational skills and two critical competencies vital for success. The Ultra Leadership 360 provides leaders with a solid assessment of their strength in these six domains and also helps leaders identify what learning opportunities exist to grow their capacity to push the limits and inspire high engagement and maximize the contributions of others.

Complete the self-assessment version, the Ultra Leadership Checklist It’s Free!
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Ultra Leadership client, Ventura Foods, logo

“I took on a new leadership role to drive a transformative change initiative in our company’s largest organization. Working with my coach I was able to build relationships with key stakeholders and engage my new team to create alignment around our business and change strategies. I have strong board, executive team and functional team support and we are executing well and driving the business forward. The result is a very successful first six months in which we have accelerated the change process while keeping engagement high.”
Vincent Crepy | SVP Operations, Ventura Foods