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Ultra Leadership Work Out

This fast-paced and highly interactive one-day experience, led by Giuliano Associates’ most senior consultants, will increase leadership competence and confidence to navigate a complex and fast-paced business environment. The Ultra Leadership Workout focuses on developing the foundational skills of leadership so that leaders can increase their impact and strengthen their ability to engage others and enable high performance.

Be a Good Coach

Research reveals that coaching is the #1 leadership competency impacting increased employee engagement and productivity, which then bumps customer satisfaction and profitability. This fast-paced and highly interactive one-day experience, led by Giuliano Associates’ most senior consultants, will increase understanding of the mindset and skill set of coaching and provide an opportunity to practice proven techniques with tested and proven tools for adopting a coach-approach to leadership.

Change Leadership to Succeed at Change Mangement

This adaptable keynote or half-day workshop, led by Giuliano Associates’ most senior consultants, proposes a leadership mindset that sees change as normative and positive, a foundational skill set of thinking carefully, feeling fully, and communicating effectively in order to deploy higher level change leadership competencies, and a simple tool set that facilitates creating Alignment, building Bench strength, and Coordinating action – Evidence of #UltraLeadership.

Leading with Mindfulness

The engaging and highly-interactive keynote or half-day experience, led by Giuliano Associates’ most senior consultants, develops the #UltraLeadership mindset calling leaders to greater consciousness and deeper connection with others and their experience. Participants walk away with practical tools for building an ongoing mindfulness practice and tips for daily wake-up calls.

Move the Needle

To move the needle and drive the business from A to B, we must engage others and lead by design. Building on his popular LinkedIn post, Greg explores the foundation for leading by design: thinking more carefully, feeling more fully, and communicating more effectively.

The Hero’s Journey

Greg’s book The Hero’s Journey—Toward a More Authentic Leadership provides the framework for this keynote/workshop that calls on leaders to raise their game, make a bigger impact, and become more authentic leaders. Greg describes the need for multidimensional leadership development that goes beyond training for skills to ongoing development to grow our self-awareness and capacity to engage others – a daily practice and life-long journey.

Leadership Happens in the Field

Based upon his popular blog post, this keynote/workshop calls leaders to get off the bench and into “The Field” of authentic leadership. Greg engages leaders to provoke a fuller leadership presence that enables them to grow their ability to impact and engage others.

Aim First to Hit the Target

We hit what we aim at. Our problem is that we rarely take time to aim before we fire. In this keynote/workshop, and citing his white paper “AIM to Lead Change,” Greg builds on the simple premise that leadership is more effective when leaders “AIM” before they fire. Participants will learn how to AIM in a variety of challenging leadership situations.
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“We partnered with Dr. Greg Giuliano to give our membership of Risk Management Professionals, a professional development workshop on Influence and Leadership. The presentation was engaging and well received. Here are some comments from our members:
‘Very dynamic speaker. His key points could resonate well with anyone in business.
Enjoyed the session—thank you!’
‘AWESOME meeting. Good speaker and GREAT topic & content!!!’
‘I wish his presentation had lasted longer.’
‘A very informative and positive presentation.’
‘One of the best presentations as something we can all use professionally and personally.’”
Cindy Steel | VP, San Diego Chapter of RIMS