Great teams don’t just happen.

Great teams work out to come together, stay together, and work together in pursuit of shared goals. That takes a commitment from the entire team to push the limits and build a culture of trust and cooperation vital to their shared success.

Greg brings a breadth of business experiences as well as human dynamics, teambuilding, and group facilitation expertise to leadership teams wanting to strengthen their engagement and alignment to maximize the contributions of people and drive business results.

Teams seriously in pursuit of success work with Greg to:

  • Engage one another
  • Create alignment
  • Move forward together to deliver business results
  • Support their mutual development as leaders

Greg developed the two-day Team “Workout” experience.

Team Workouts are fast-paced and highly interactive experiences, customized for your specific situation and needs. Team development activities are firmly embedded in your business context.

At Team Workouts, teams engage one another to create shared clarity (Alignment), build capacity (Bench Strength), and get things done (Coordinated Action).

TeamWork Roadmaps

The output of many Team Workouts is a TeamWork Roadmap that captures a team’s mission and purpose, outcomes and metrics, and strategic activities critical to an upcoming fiscal year, quarter, or project. TeamWork Roadmaps also incorporate a team’s Operating Agreement for how everyone will work together and engage key stakeholders.

Ultra TeamWork GPS Team Survey

Teams need certain conditions in order to engage one another and move quickly and effectively to achieve shared goals. The TeamWork Global Positioning System (T-GPS) is an on-line survey tool that helps teams quickly assess the starting conditions for the next project, quarter or year.

The TeamWork GPS provides a snapshot of a team’s current state in three categories that illustrate the conditions required for team success: Alignment, Bench Strength, Coordinated Action.

For information on the TeamWork GPS Click here
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“Our team was in the process of going through a major re-organization, where we were tasked with integrating two teams into the larger organization. We put together a meeting of leaders and key contributors, who all entered the meeting with divergent views on how things should be, as well as a long list of challenges to bridge the gaps. Greg Giuliano and his team provided the framework and created the space for us to engage one another in meaningful dialogue that enabled us to move things forward. We came out with strong alignment and a renewed spirit of trust and cooperation. Our ROI for engaging Greg and his team was extremely high.” Pam Rivers | Sr. Manager, Advanced Services, Cisco