Dave Dresden is the consummate professional. His deep knowledge and expertise comes across with a lightness wrapped in a profound concern for the leaders and teams who work with him. When Dave is with you, you just know you’re going to succeed. —Greg Giuliano

Dave DresdenDave Dresden works with leaders to define and achieve strategic goals, improve teamwork and optimize workplace environments. Well-versed in complex dynamics of business environments, Dave’s held senior management roles at Warner Bros., Lucas Film, ESPN, and Mattel. He brings a valuable perspective to coaching clients through first-hand knowledge of the challenges they face.

Dave’s coached clients from: Cisco, Google, AAA, Goodwill, Toyota, Apollo, Lucas Film, Hyperion, KPMG, Mattel, Aid for Aids, Cars.com, Siebel, Sony Pictures, Stanford University and more. Without question, they’re challenged by his direct, results-oriented focus. But paired with his compassionate, good-humored support –clients soon make habit of moving beyond limits – to great rewards and lasting change.

Dave received his BA and MA from Northern Illinois University and is a certified Professional Integral Coach. Living in Los Angeles, Dave’s run 10 marathons and bikes up and down the Coast;raising money for non-profits with an Ultra Leadership approach.


Hiring Dave was one of the best things I ever did. He was able to coach me to even more success than I had imagined. By asking me to envision the results I sought and putting the plan in place, I was able to pursue many dreams. Today, many years later, I still carry those lessons with me as my success continues. Dave is a great coach who is insightful and caring. I would recommend him to anyone!”
Stephen Botte | Field & Partner, Marketing Manager, Pure Storage