Resources for Leaders and Coaches

Whether you are a leader or a coach, your aim is to have a positive impact. Over the past two decades we’ve developed resources to assist in the work of leading teams through change. This is the place to find tested and proven tools to help you, your teams, and your clients add to your leadership tool kit, shape your work and achieve your best results.

The TeamWork GPS is an 18-item online assessment tool that provides a snapshot of a team’s current state in three categories that comprise the conditions required for team success: Shared Clarity, Resources and Routines, and Aptitude and Attitude.

The Ultra Leadership 360 examines the mindset and skill set laid out in Greg’s bestselling book, Ultra Leadership, and is available to leaders looking for a starting point for their development.

Resources we’ve developed that leaders and teams use to create alignment, build capacity, and coordinate action.

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““The difference between working with Greg Giuliano and his team is that our leaders comeaway with real competencies, that they can take away and apply immediately. It’s about finding meaning and changing your practices as a leader.”
Ginger Greenlee | Director, Global Talent Management, Veritas Technologies