Trust-based leadership with John McKenny, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intelligent Z Optimisation & Transformation (BMC Software)

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Trust is the foundation of any productive and high-performing team. It’s critical that team members trust one another and trust their leader. What’s at risk when trust is eroded? People disengage. Decisions are delayed. Productivity falls. 

Gaining the trust of your team is simple, but it’s not easy.

Today’s guest, John McKenny, SVP and General Manager of Intelligent Z Optimisation & Transformation at BMC Software reveals how to build and sustain a culture of  trust where people are engaged, empowered, and activated. Plus, John also reveals how to command Obama levels of popularity (and have your team members rave about working with you at dinner parties.)

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Show Highlights Include:

  • How to unlock your inner courage and lead a great team by reading this New York Times Bestseller ([1:40])
  • The weird way forcing the VP of marketing to bungee jump off a cliff enables your team to scale client results ([5:43])
  • Why telling your employees to keep their head down and work could force them to resign from the company (and make you the most unpopular leader they’ve ever had) ([7:54])
  • How opening a Google Doc unlocks a motivated and productive young leader (and results in greater performance) ([10:57])