Why Collaboration is Everything with Mallika Madakasira, Senior Director at Oracle

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Many leaders talk about “collaboration” while few practice collaboration. In most organizations, there’s no intention to build the capacity to collaborate. There are rarely clear lines of communication between people and teams. We’re asking people to collaborate without providing the structure, tools, and training to be good at it.

This reality slows things down.

Today’s guest, Mallika Madakasira, Senior Director at Oracle, reveals a few simple strategies to enhance collaboration between people and teams, leading to greater productivity, innovation, and results.

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Show Highlights:

  • A Columbia Business School Professor reveals how to spot growth opportunities before any other leader (and discover which industries will go extinct) ([1:18])
  • The proven way to become an innovative and effective leader by following Jeff Bezos’ success philosophy ([2:19])
  • How adopting the “doctor protocol of leadership” fosters higher levels of responsibility, courage, and work ethic among your team ([3:49])
  • Why faking it till you make it repulses your employees (and potentially causes an in-house mutiny akin to the Russian Revolution) ([5:32])
  • 3 obvious, yet overlooked personality traits all successful young leaders share ([9:01])