The #UltraLeadership Approach

Ultra means “going beyond what is usual or ordinary.” We exist to enable leaders and teams to go beyond usual and ordinary to achieve amazing results. We grow #UltraLeadership.

#UltraLeadership is a mindset and skill set that takes leaders beyond usual and ordinary to engage others and lead real change.

#UltraLeadership disrupts the status quo. It takes #UltraLeadership to drive a business from its current state to a fully realized vision, to transform a group of diverse individuals into a high performing team, and to aid in an individual’s development and increase their ability to contribute.

#UltraLeadership is a simple, scalable approach to leadership and teamwork that increases Alignment, improves Bench Strength, and ensures highly Coordinated Action.

Signs of Usual and Ordinary Leadership
  • Working/Managing on Autopilot (Unconscious)
  • Transactional vs. Relational Mentality (Disconnected)
  • Overly Focused on Results (Unconcerned about people)
  • “Ready, Fire, Aim” Habit; Stuck in Tactical Mode (Careless Thinking)
  • Emotional Reactivity; Lack of Resiliency (Low Emotional Intelligence)
  • One-way, Incomplete Messaging; No Feedback Loops (Ineffective Communication)

Signs of #UltraLeadership (Beyond Usual & Ordinary)
  • Leading with Mindfulness (Conscious)
  • Relationships Drive Results (Connected)
  • Balanced Approach: People & Results (Concerned)
  • Strategic Mindset: Aim, Align, & then Act (Thinking Carefully)
  • High Emotional & Social Intelligence (Feeling Fully)
  • Collaborative Inquiry; Continuous feedback (Communicating Effectively)

The #UltraLeadership Approach includes a tested and proven tool kit with assessments, frameworks, processes and social technologies that assists leaders with their own development as they’re enabling their people to engage one another and move quickly and effectively to achieve their shared goals.

Are you ready to go beyond usual and ordinary?

Ultra Leadership

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