Leading Through Change

“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” Marcus Aurelius 

“Business is constant change; our organizations are what leadership makes them.” – Greg Giuliano  

Leaders understand that when it comes to change there is no standing still, no going around, and no turning back. There is only going through – to the edge and then, farther. Over and over.  

Leaders push through, disrupting the status quo to guide an organization from its current state to a fully realized vision, to transform groups of diverse individuals into high performing teams, and to facilitate individual development for all team members.  

It takes this kind of “transformative leadership” to create organizations and teams that are ready and able to navigate the seas of change.

How “unsinkable” is your organization? 

Signs You’re Sinkable
  • Working/Managing on Autopilot (Unconscious)
  • Siloed, Transactional Mentality (Disconnected)
  • Overly Focused on Results (Unconcerned about people)
  • “Ready, Fire, Aim” Habit; Stuck in Tactical Mode (Careless Thinking)
  • Emotional Reactivity; Lack of Resiliency (Low Emotional Intelligence)
  • One-way, Incomplete Messaging; No Feedback Loops (Ineffective Communication)

Signs You’re Unsinkable 
  • Leading with Mindfulness (Conscious)
  • Relationships Drive Results (Connected)
  • Balanced Approach: People & Results (Concerned)
  • Strategic Mindset: Aim, Align, & then Act (Thinking Carefully)
  • High Emotional & Social Intelligence (Feeling Fully)
  • Collaborative Inquiry; Continuous feedback (Communicating Effectively)

Your organization is changing by necessity or by choice. Either way, leadership is most vital factor in organizational, team, and individual performance. It always comes back to leadership.  

At Giuliano Associates, we help leaders and teams become better leaders and teams ~ better at doing the work of leadership: creating alignment, building capacity, and coordinating action to navigate the seas of change and do it consistently, confidently, and courageously.  

Are you ready to lead through change? 

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