Managers Run the Present. Leaders Shape the Future

“Business is constant change; our organizations are what leadership makes them.” —Greg Giuliano  

Your organization is changing by necessity or by choice. Change is disruptive: Something will end and something new will take its place. Minimizing that disruption takes leadership that can create alignment, develop the capacity for growth, and ensure a high degree of coordination. Indeed, leadership is most vital factor in organizational, team, and individual performance. It always comes back to leadership.  

Leaders shape the future: disrupting the status quo to guide an organization from its current state to a fully realized vision, to transform groups of diverse individuals into high-performing teams, and to facilitate individual development for all team members.  

At Giuliano Associates, we help leaders and teams become better leaders and teams—better at doing the work of leadership: aligning people, building bench strength, and coordinating action shape the future consciously and confidently.  

Are you ready to shape your next normal? 

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The Next Normal

In The Next Normal, Greg Giuliano provides an actionable framework for anyone who wants to rethink, reset, and renew their leadership to make a bigger impact, engage their people, and lead more successful transformation. Marshall Goldsmith, Author of the NYT Bestseller, Triggers says, “The Next Normal is a must-read for anyone who wants to create a team and organization that values leadership, empowerment, accountability. In an approachable and light-hearted manner, Greg combines first principles of leadership and change with a practical and actionable team management system that can scale to renew your organization.”

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