The TeamWork GPS Team Survey

Teams need certain conditions in order to engage one another and move quickly and effectively to achieve shared goals. The TeamWork Global Positioning System (T-GPS) helps teams quickly assess the starting conditions for the next project, quarter or year.

Features of the TeamWork GPS Survey include

  • Quick, Concise, Easy to use and interpret
  • 15 items correlating to tested and proven conditions for team success
  • Online administration and data collection
  • Raters may include Team Leader and members of 1 or 2 teams to determine alignment between levels
  • Detailed report, including Survey Overview, Explanation of Scoring Rules, All Raters Analysis, Team Breakdown Analysis, By Item Graphical Rating, Question Ranking, Comments
  • Debrief Session with a Giuliano Associates Coach
  • Next Step Recommendations

To go fast and win you need shared clarity, a solid capacity for leadership and teamwork, and highly coordinated action. TeamWork GPS is a 15-item online assessment tool that provides a snapshot of a team’s current state in three categories that comprise the conditions required for team success: Alignment, Bench Strength, Coordinated Action.

Alignment—Shared clarity on direction (vision, mission, strategy) and plan (structure, roles & responsibilities, systems, processes) to achieve it.

Bench Strength—Team capacity (functional skills, emotional intelligence) and culture (Openness, adaptability) ensuring a state of constant readiness.

Coordinated Action—Practices and processes enabling ongoing follow up and follow through with tracking and adjustment mechanisms to lead and manage through ever-changing business environments.

Using TeamWork GPS

TeamWork GPS requires approximately 15 minutes of a respondent’s time to complete.

You may choose to survey one team, e.g. Leadership Team, or two teams, e.g. Extended Leadership Team (Leadership Team plus direct reports).

TeamWork GPS

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“Greg and his team were vital to our building a tightly focused leadership team, as we dramatically changed our business model. Innovative and illustrative team exercises moved us from talking about “team” to becoming one. We all sincerely appreciate and value their contributions to the new QuickLogic Team.”
Tom Hart | Former Chairman & CEO, QuickLogic Corp. (NASDAQ: QUIK)