Leadership is responsible for challenging the status quo and enabling organizational change, creating a shift from one state of being to another. To do this, leadership needs to push the limits and get people to willingly, enthusiastically, and repeatedly say “yes,” engage and contribute. We call this type of bold and balanced leadership Ultra Leadership®.

The most successful organizations enable leaders to go to the edge and continually grow their capacity to impact and engage people. This reality defines our mission: Grow #UltraLeadership enabling leaders and teams to go beyond usual and ordinary to achieve amazing results.

Why #UltraLeadership?

Leaders and teams partner with us to build their capacity to increase engagement, raise performance, and drive business results.

We employ the first principles of leadership, learning and development along with our tested and proven tools to engage with our clients to design and deliver services highly customized to fit with their culture and relevant to their needs and strategic objectives.

Executive Coaching Packages include:
  • Initial Assessment to pinpoint the leader’s starting point
  • Intensive Coaching Smart Start™ Session (1-1.5 Days)
  • Enrollment of key stakeholders in the coaching process
  • Defined measurable outcomes regarding changes in behaviors and leadership practices
  • Pragmatic approach that doesn’t waste the leader’s time
  • Midpoint and concluding review with key stakeholders
  • Executive Coaching engagements typically run for six months with option to renew


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Team Development Includes:
  • Initial Assessment to identify the team’s starting point
  • 2 Day In-Person Team WorkOut
  • Monthly Virtual Team Check-Ins
  • Mid-point In-Person Team “Aid Station” Session
  • Learning and development rooted in current business challenges
  • Coaching Support for Team Leader and identified team members
  • Defined measurable outcomes regarding business results, team dynamics, and individual development
  • Team Alignment and Development engagements typically run for 12 months with option to renew


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We work with organizations that:
  • See the need for comprehensive leadership development that enables leaders to grow who they are in addition to becoming “trained” in particular skill sets
  • See leadership development as a continuous, virtuous process to be undertaken rather than a training event to be attended
  • See leadership development as a self-directed and communal experience within the organization
  • See leadership development occurring with a strong business context and through real-time application of learning
  • See leadership development as a critical tool in attracting and retaining top talent


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Ultra Leadership client, QuickLogic, logo

“Greg and his team were vital to our building a tightly focused leadership team, as we dramatically changed our business model. Innovative and illustrative team exercises moved us from talking about “team” to becoming one. We all sincerely appreciate and value their contributions to the new QuickLogic Team.”
Tom Hart | Former Chairman & CEO, QuickLogic Corp. (NASDAQ: QUIK)