Our mission is to work with leaders and teams who want to create their “next normal” with greater intention and achieve better results.

We focus our work in three intersecting areas: Advising and coaching leaders to make a bigger impact, developing top team and leadership effectiveness, and building individual and collective capacity for organizational transformation.

Everything produces exactly what it’s designed to produce. If your organization or team (or you) are producing less than what you want, the questions become, “Why have you designed it that way?” and, “What do you want to do about it?”

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Transform Your Leadership


As a leader, you are responsible for challenging the status quo and enabling positive transformation for your organization, your team, every person on the team, and yourself. We offer customized support for senior leaders as they envision and lead macro-level change.


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Transform Your Team


Great leadership teams don’t just happen; they do what’s necessary to come together, stay together, and work together in pursuit of shared goals. We work with executive teams wanting to strengthen their engagement and alignment to meet their definition of high performance and maximize the contributions of their people to drive business results.


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Transform Your Organization


Leading organizational transformation is less about implementing a new process or system than it is to design an organizational capability to enable teams and people to quickly transition to new ways of engaging and contributing. We work with you to design and execute a comprehensive change leadership strategy that engages multiple levels of leadership to align people, build bench strength, and coordinate action.


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“Greg and his team were vital to our building a tightly focused leadership team, as we dramatically changed our business model. Innovative and illustrative team exercises moved us from talking about “team” to becoming one. We all sincerely appreciate and value their contributions to the new QuickLogic Team.”
Tom Hart | Former Chairman & CEO, QuickLogic Corp. (NASDAQ: QUIK)